• PPE Pros always has its

    Eye on Safety

    Safety glasses and goggles

    Protect your eyes from debris with our selection of glasses, goggles and accessories. Available in a variety of sizes, tints, and shapes, we have the right glasses for your job.

    All glasses sold in full cases

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  • PPE Pros has what you need

    the right protection.

    protective footwear

    Choose from a variety of foot protection options, from shoe height and specialized coatings to reinforced toes or steel toe boots and steel shanks to protect the sole of the foot.

    All boots sold in full cases

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  • PPE Pros can help you

    Handle the job.

    Protective and work gloves

    Get the right protection for the job. Our machine knit gloves provide grip and protection for industrial and construction work settings, or select disposable gloves for laboratory and medical environments.

    All gloves sold in full cases

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  • PPE Pros has it all for

    On the job protection.


    Our protective respirators and breathing apparatus protect you from the gaseous, chemical, physical, and biological hazards that may be encountered in hazardous materials operations.

    All masks sold in full cases

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